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  1. ChiefTrano

    Create a rounded breakfast nook

    @solver thanks a lot, and all my apologies for bothering the channel as I was posting on wrong place. Cheers
  2. ChiefTrano

    Create a rounded breakfast nook

    Hi guys, I'm ending up with something not satisfactory when trying to create a rounded breakfast nook attached to an island in a kitchen. Attached is image of what I want to get. What I have done is playing around with Polyline (line, curve, cylinder) by changing the type as a countertop, solid, extracting some part, etc. but still not getting something similar to the attached image. Anyone can point me on how to achieve this ? - using polyline? - making rounded table or cabinet? - ... Note: I'm using ChiefArchitect trial version, and I'm not a professional. I'm just planning to built our house (me and my family) and need to have a sight overview of what we have in our mind. Thank you for your consideration and for your time.