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    Stair with landing and solid rail

    Wonderful. The half-height wall with the height adjustment is the trick. Thank you both for all your persistence and help for me. Case closed. Tom
  2. tschlaff

    Stair with landing and solid rail

    Jo Ann, You also mentioned working in 2d, so I tried with the cross section view shown in my last post's attachment. I'm not clear about what you mean by "in 2d". Tom
  3. tschlaff

    Stair with landing and solid rail

    Eric and JoAnn - Thank you both for trying to help me out with the solid railing at the landing. You both got it, and I'm still struggling. Eric - You can find the original plan if you open my original pdf attachment and scroll down to the second image. I understand your comment that the transition from either the upper stair section or the lower lower stair section of sloped railings may not transition smoothly to the horizontal railing at the landing, but I'm not going to worry about that detail. I'm still unable to figure out how both of you were able to raise the 2 different sections of railing at the landing. I've attached another clip after starting over, deleting both sections of railing at the landing, then I went into the landing specification and checked the box "no railing on selected edge" (wondering if that may have caused some conflict with the separate railing section, and then re-drew both railings again, without success. I delected the one-section of railing for the purpose of the attached image which only shows the one section of railing at the landing. If I can get one-section to work, I'll then understand to create the second section. JoAnn - I do not understand what you mean by "dbx". ?? Any further advice how you were able to raise the railings at the landing? Thank you, again. TomStair elevation.pdf
  4. tschlaff

    Stair with landing and solid rail

    I've cut the railing walls at the landing, but there is no railing height setting in the railing specification box, and the railing can not be raised in 3D view. I'd appreciate any further thoughts on how to resolve this. Using Home Deisgner Pro 2015.
  5. tschlaff

    Stair with landing and solid rail

    I want to create a 2-section stair with a mid-landing wrapping along a 45-degree wall on the right side and with a solid rail on the left side. The Interior Staircase Specification for the railing does not provide for a "solid" rail as the railing specification provides. I've tried using a wall-railing to follow the left side of the stair which has successfully created the sloping solid railing along the stair, but unfortunately at the landing, the railing defaults back to a railing off the originating floor. Any solutions? Attached is a perspective and plan with the left railing wall adjacent to the stair method showing the problem at the landing. Stair perspective and plan view.pdf