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    Room in Roof Over Garage

    Another roof/room issue i can't figure out. I am trying to add a room over garage. The house is currently all 1 level. I need the room over garage to be aligned with the wall between master bedroom and master bath. Thanks, Joel 268 Salty Shores Plan-2.plan
  2. Canmannc

    Line up roof planes & ridge

    Thanks. Amazing.
  3. Canmannc

    Line up roof planes & ridge

    Doing an addition to existing house. I am trying to line up-raise the garage addition with the house. So the roof & ridge of existing house line up. I have to stay 4' back from front of house. Any ideas? I am using Home Designer Suite 2017. Thanks, JoelNewton Garage.plan
  4. Canmannc

    Eaves on gable porch roof

    I have watched all the roof videos and searched for a method to do this. I need the eaves on the porch roof to return back to the house. Now the roof planes intersect at the corner. Any ideas? Thanks, Joel Cohen House-Gable Roof Porch.plan
  5. Canmannc

    Eaves on gable porch roof

    I sure feel stupid...I thought I had tried every combination of options. Thank you! It works! Have a great weekend!