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  1. I should add that being a shift worker I am considering no windows in the bedroom. I might consider one on the south wall, but i would have to get a remote blind to totally darken the room.
  2. From the album: Bedroom Bathroom Remodel

    The plans for the master bedroom addition.
  3. My wife wanted to buy a new house...My house is paid for so I asked what do you want? She stated that she wanted a larger master bedroom and bathroom with walk in closets. I plan on converting old bedroom to a utility room/ guest bedroom with a murphy bed that hides in the wall. This will give ample storage and centralized location for washer/dryer between bedrooms. Hopefully this could be added to the challenge for addition/remodel. Suggestions and comments are most welcome. I am still unsure how to attach to house. this room will attach via the bedroom door. The wall it will attach is strait wall on peer and beam. I probably wont do a slab. and the roof line will be a normal pitch roof slanting down. I do have a 2' eave overhanging that side of the house. bedroom_bathroom_remodel.plan