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  1. twoshed

    No roof plane truss error

    Thanks for taking the time to do that. I think I did the same thing (I think) and it worked except that I have a kingpost. I'll see what the difference is with your example.
  2. twoshed

    No roof plane truss error

    David, Thanks for your concern and guidance. I should have said that the stamped drawing I have is from the truss company. In order for a permit to be issued I need the entire design to be stamped/sealed, etc. This "shed" is unique because it spans a drainage swale - it's more like a covered bridge. I have the drainage analysis complete and accepted. Now I have to do the same with the structure. I more or less completed the structural analysis and design but because the span is not covered in the code tables I have to have a PE stamp my drawings. The PE I am working with has reviewed the structural analysis and is willing to more or less stamp my design but he uses AutoCAD LT and it will save me money if I can give him drawings in .DRW format so I am trying to get the model as close as possible and then go through the workflow below. I'm good at Visio so I am going to use that to fix up any issues with the DXF, add notes, dimensions, etc. The drawings I previously submitted were from the HD layout tool but I am not taking that route for this go around. Home Designer Pro -> .DXF -> Visio -> .DRW -> AutoCad LT
  3. twoshed

    No roof plane truss error

    I am trying to draw a simple truss for a storage shed that is as close as possible to the stamped drawing I have from an engineer. The outside wall edge to wall edge distance is 10 and the roof overhang is 1'. There is a single bottom chord (collar) that is 4' long at the bottom of the chord, that ends up being 1' above the top plate - pitch of 4 in 12 no birdsmouth. I have home designer pro so I think I could do this at least two different ways and I have tried both. 1a) Build the wall, ceiling, and roof to set the top plate height and the roof baseline 1b) Set the room ceiling height one foot higher so that it is at the bottom of the truss chord (sloped ceilings seem to automatically follow the bottom of the roof plane minus the framing height (3.5") 1c) Draw Trusses 2a) Use two sloped ceiling planes and either the existing ceiling or a third sloped ceiling plane that is set for a pitch of 0 for the center 4' of the ceiling. When I do that I put the sloped ceiling (roof baseline that is one side of the ceiling plane) baseline on the outside edge of the wall and specify the outside bottom height to be at the top of the plate with a pitch of 4. Maybe I should be putting the ceiling baseline on the inside of the wall? The point is I have tried a bunch of different ways to do this with varying results, no of which are what I want. I think there is something wrong with my design on the right side of the roof ridge that is causing problems. In the attached plan, I can't place a truss on the right side of the roof at all because CA doesn't think there is a roof plane there. I realize that I need both a roof and ceiling plane. This is a different error than the one saying that there is not enough room between the roof and ceiling planes to place the truss - I've seen that too. Previously, I was able to draw a truss across the whole roof and it looked good except that there was an excursion down to the top plate (default room ceiling height) even though I had a sloped ceiling plane over it. I have been looking for the difference between the left and right side of the roof and framing but I haven’t found it. In the attached plan a lot of things have been deleted and then manually redrawn to try to narrow down what the issue is but with a fresh rebuild of the roof, etc. I had the same problem. It seems to me that there is a roof and ceiling plane and there is enough room between them for the truss lake_shed2_93a.plan Any help would be greatly appreciated