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  1. Sheriff717

    3 Separate Questions.....

    David, Do you have time to help me with my design and how long do you think it would take with what I have?
  2. Sheriff717

    3 Separate Questions.....

    Thanks Eric for the advice on the signature. It is fixed. The 2 pics you showed is exactly what I'm wanting. Can you tell me how you got the roofs to align?
  3. Sheriff717

    3 Separate Questions.....

    I am new to Home Designer Pro 2017 but have picked up several things from the tutorials and elsewhere, but am still having some issues on a few things. I appreciate anyone's help or advice as I'm about to start and I know that won't help. A little about my plan...... We are designing a pretty simple house to build at the lake and figured I would do the plans myself this time. The house is a single level ranch style with basement/garage. It is gabled on both ends and is 74' wide and 38' deep from front to back with 1 gabled 24'Wx7'D on the back in the middle and a covered porch on the rear with a gable roof over it. I am super pleased so far with being able to lay out the kitchen and all the primary furniture to see how everything will fit. I will attempt to put a couple of plan shots if I can figure out how. Anyways...... Here it goes...... Question 1- I have finally got the roof close to where I'm wanting it but on the gabled covered porch the roof has raised over the adjoining roof on both sides. I can't figure out how to make them meet without destroying the plan...... Any suggestions? I though I might have to design in an attic wall but can't figure out how to make it work...... I would rather have the roof lines meet and have a valley. Question 2- in the main living area- the middle which is 24'W by 45'D where the gabled ends from the back deck and covered pFull overview.planorch are off set a bit, I'm wanting to get a cathedral ceiling. I can't figure out how to get the truss section to open up where I can place them opposite of the other 2 sides, but I can't worry about this one until I get Question 1 figured out. And finally question 3----- This one might be easier said to just leave it alone. I was working with the terrain layout and just gave up. Is there a way to download a topography lay out into the program and it take it from there? Just curious if anyone had ever looked into that and found something. And I might as well as #4..... I am thinking about putting in a breezeway from the garage door to the door going into the laundry room. Has anyone done this and have any suggestions? Thanks for any input..... Chris- AKA Sheriff717 Basement Foundation Plan.plan