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  1. Dear All, please help me out here, i'm trying to change my floor depth in my plan, but i find this task to be impossible. did my fair share of google and forum searches, but i failed to find a solution. the value i'm trying to change seems to be the one i highlighted on my attached image, but to put it simply, i'd like to change how deep the actual floor is. please help me out here :) thanks! Nandor
  2. Hey Eric, updated my signature as requested. seems to me that a ~300 USD investment for a single input field is quite an overkill. i don't really want to edit the structure itself, simply the dimensions, so my 3D renderings actually look like the house i'm living in (and trying to improve). question to me is if Chief Architect can consider adding this feature to pro or not. is technical support a good place to send this request?