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  1. Javid2017

    Material List

    Thank you for the clarification. I have been a diehard Autodesk AutoCAD user and still working to learn the differences (while using HD Pro) in the two software packages.
  2. Javid2017

    Creating a Finish Schedule

    I will change the signature setting. As for the title and version - I did include this information but as part of the subject
  3. Javid2017

    Material List

    So anything that is new - I should make "new" part of the description?
  4. Javid2017

    Material List

    How do I set up the preferences so the materials list ONLY includes what is new on the drawing? I use HDP2018 to remodel homes. Almost every finish, fixture, etc., is changed as well as some walls removed with new walls added. What I have found is the material list shows every single item to build the home from the ground up.
  5. Javid2017

    Creating a Finish Schedule

    Where or how do I create the Room Finish Schedules and have it part of the drawing? I am currently using Home Designer Pro 2018.
  6. Javid2017

    Cost Estimating

    I renovate/update homes and resale - some refer to it as Flipping. I am currently using Home Designer Pro 2017. Does anyone have a cost estimating software they would recommend that will work with the auto generated materials list? I have 20 plus years in commercial construction management. However, we all know commercial remodeling is vastly different than residential remodeling cost. If there isn't one that will work with Home Designer Pro, what software would you recommend? It would be beneficial if it auto-generated reports and schedules, etc.