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  1. Solver, Now there's a cool idea. I will use that and I will also be doing David's way so that I can 'learn' to do roof stuff. Thank you, Solver. Dekade
  2. David, At the very end of your video you said, "Thank you for your kind attention". I am absolutely without words almost as to what I think of your kindness in taking the time to create a 'me specific' tutorial. With you trying to make a buck off of what you do every day I am sort of stunned at your generosity. This was really kind of you. Can't get over it. May sound soapy or mushy but the truth - it is what it is; that's who I am when it comes to being thankful when I get help on something. I will pass this forward somehow someday. So now, I am going to go at it and do it myself. Mos
  3. Yes I did ask the program to build the roof. That is the problem. This is an existing house. I need to hip into the existing hip. The thumbnail that you presented is what I would love to have but can't rebuild the entire roof in real life. That is why the existing valley is the headache.
  4. DJP Thanks for your advice. I always appreciate receiving your input. You are definitely knowledgeable - aided by your usage of the software everyday for business purposes. It is a different scenario for someone like me who only uses it for a handful of reasons. I wish I could know the software inside out like you do because I know that I would really have a lot of fun with it. I did 2D CAD all my life in my business of interior medical facility designing and for the designing of products we manufactured. I had that down pat. HDP is a different beast. For example: I grew up in a const
  5. Thanks Solver and Kbird 1, I will keep at it. I definitely appreciate your patience and assistance. You certainly have helped keep my stress level down! Yep, I do wear glasses. Too much work to draw trusses and position them. Not experienced enough in the software to do all of that. I think I'll leave that puppy lie. 2210_2014_v1.plan
  6. I have been slowly succeeding in getting certain aspects of framing to display. I was able to fill the gap at the top of the basement walls. There are three things that I am stumped on. Is there any way to not display a ceiling in one room but retain ceiling displays in other rooms? Example: in a basement I need to see the ceiling joist but in the rest of the house I need to see the drywall ceilings. Since I have built the framing and then use a floor camera it looks as though the ceiling joist are trying to come down through the drywall. What is causing that effect? I have 3-1/2" truss r
  7. Eric, You have been very helpful with suggestions and instructions. Don't think it is going unnoticed or unappreciated. I will now experiment and see what I can come up with based on your advice. I'll be back in a few days with any comments or questions. Again, Thanks. Dekade
  8. So, what you are saying is that when anyone draws a situation like this (concrete basement walls) they have to put in (manually draw) the box plate; all the time; no option? If that is the case then how do you draw in the plate? Slabs elevated? Also, since all of this is now in front of me as a problem to reckon with is there a way for the ceiling joist to appear rather than the drywall ceiling? I can understand that the concrete walls cannot automatically evaluate that a plate is on top (or should be); but, nonetheless it seems as though something is not right somewhere. I'm no ex
  9. Attached you will find the file. 2210_2014_v1.plan
  10. Hello Forum, I am having trouble with basement ceiling wall heights not extending up to the bottom of the first floor. Note in 1.png in the upper right corner that the cement basement wall is not going up as high as the wood frame walls placed into the basement. The wood framed walls are 89.75" tall. That is what the cement walls are to also be. But they will not go as high for some reason. Note in 2.png that I have changed the "B" measurement to 89.75" but it causes the floor to drop. What can I do to get the concrete foundation walls to coincide in height with the wood frame walls?