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  1. I would like to create a base file for my residential plan layouts, a 10 Sheet plan set for residential design. How do I create more than one sheet per layout file?
  2. Add - thanks. It's Home Designer Pro 2018. Here you can see floating elements from a bar, a entry door wall that was moved forward and the pavers that made up the entry patio that is now further out. Ideas- they should be polylines for the patio and driveway.
  3. I have a custom counter top, back splash, driveway and front patio that I am unable to select, edit or delete. It is strange, because I could select some of the pieces that made up a custom island, but now there is a counter top and back splash floating in the kitchen. Also, the driveway, which is made of paver bricks is visible and but I can not select it to check its dimensions or select the object, at all. Any ideas? Help? Display edit? Thanks, Dan