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    Wall Height adjusting

    thank you LawB, it's more or less an experiment but I'll be trying the Soffit route within the program next. So far I'm very happy with HDS and I plan on updating to either the A or P version in the near future but I first wanted to test it's strengths and weaknesses with other programs that I own.
  2. Richard159

    Wall Height adjusting

    Greetings, I'm rather new to this software as well as the forum and have a question specifically on wall heights. I have the Home Designer Suite version and am experimenting with Sketchup 8 and other 3d programs compatibility with HDS but my main question is if there's a way to increase the standard 8' high walls to ten or twelve (or more) feet from the floor especially the first floor. In the attachment shown which is still in the experimental and design phase I had to lower the Sketchup created walls to make it aesthetically pleasing to my eye but I would of rather have increased the wall height and left the Sketchup wall alone as originally envisioned. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Richard
  3. Richard159

    Wall Height adjusting

    Excellent, thank you Katalyst. I'll be doing much reading tonight.
  4. Richard159

    Wall Height adjusting

    Thank you Solver, I found a post that covered it with a link. ( I'll also experiment with the soffits and see if that's better then sketchup which I find isn't editable other than adding color and textures to it at the moment. Signature updated.