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    Basic Terrain-walk-out basement

    thanks! I'll let you know how it works.
  2. HillsideDB

    Basic Terrain-walk-out basement

    I've also tried regions to bring certain areas down but when i change the elev data for the region, it barely moves or doesnt move at all. I just tried one by a door to the garage and lowered the region 4" to make room for a slab. It didnt appear to move at all.
  3. HillsideDB

    Basic Terrain-walk-out basement

    I'm fairly new to Home Designer and something I cannot get the grasp of is the terrain tools. Im drawing a house with walk out basement and need the terrain to slope. I've watched videos on how to get it to slope correctly and have followed step by step and the terrain still acts funny. I'll set my front lower so the garage area is at the right elevation and this usually makes for a couple steps into the house or porch. I then set lines in the back of the house to the elevation around 4" under the walk out door, to make room for the patio slab. However, when I set this elevation for the rear, the terrain in the front moves up and although its settings are still at the correct number, it shows the terrain level with the front door and is too high for the garage. So I lower the front elevation lines and as soon as I do the rear terrain goes up over the bottom of the walk out door. The data for the elevation lines dont change numbers but the elevations of the terrain moves. Almost like a glitch. This shouldn't be this difficult. Any ideas? the photo i've attached shows the elevation in the back of the house at the correct spot and although I had the front set to the correct elev. the program brought the front up past the stoop.
  4. HillsideDB

    Program Oddities

    I havent been using the program long but have experience with other BIM software. I am working on an addition and had everything looking pretty good before quitting time yesterday. I opened the same project today and the attic walls had framed down over some windows in one elevation. I thought maybe I'd accidently erased them but an interior camera angle showed the windows and plywood covering them on the outside. I messed with it a while and gave up. I didnt save changes and took a break. When I re-opened the plan, the windows were back and every thing seemed normal. except I had now lost a couple ceiling slopes and now the framing was showing. I've also noticed in my perspective overview, I can see plywood through shingles on the roof and now the house wrap is showing through the siding. What in the world is going on!? Really liking the program, just not sure whats happening. Sorry if im posting incorrectly. Its my first time.