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  1. FYI, if you're looking for more information about this topic, you might also read these posts: At this point and time, I may be too new to the software to understand what they're suggesting.
  2. Well, apparently with Home Designer Suite 2017, there is no ability to attach a molding to a soffit. I also couldn't make sense out of other posts recommending other methods like "No Room Defined" or "Creating Virtual Rooms". As a last ditch effort I tried various combinations of random stuff and came up with something that might just work. I say "might" work, because although I can now trick the software to not display a chair rail on a specific wall or walls, I have no idea what kind of problems this could lead to later in the project! Anyway, here is my potential solution: (You should already have a room created) Start by creating a straight interior wall, in front of the existing room wall you don't want the chair railing on Edit the straight interior wall you just created (not the actual room wall) and change the following general values: Thickness = .125" Select the checkbox for invisible Wall type = Room Divider-1 View your room and the chair rail should be gone from that one wall. For some reason though, only the chair railing is gone, which in this instance is what I'm looking for, but sometimes that may not always be the case. I added a crown molding to the room walls just see what would happen and the invisible wall also blocked it from displaying on the wall. Strangely, the base molding does not get blocked when using my invisible wall trick. Possibly, the sequence in which you choose these options may change the behavior? I have no idea and to test all the possibilities would be more work than I have time for right now. I really hope someone has a better work around than what I've come up with, but if there is one, I can't find it in this forum or anywhere else on the WWW. Better yet, ChiefArchitect should add this feature! At the VERY least, when you break a wall, the broken section of the wall should respect changes to the moldings, just as it does for color and textures, etc . . .
  3. LawB10, I think you misunderstood my question. Thanks for the your time though. UPDATE: LawB10, I typed that statement earlier, but now I'm thinking you may understand my question, but I'm such a newbie I don't understand your answer. :-) Please elaborate if you have time, I'd really like to know your approach to this problem.
  4. Thanks Solver! Your approach seems like a good one. (I've also updated my signature.)
  5. I'm using Home Designer Suite 2017, and I can't figure out how to place a chair rail only on certain walls of a room. I searched the Q&A's here and found a couple of topics on this subject, but I'm so new I can't really understand the work-arounds suggested. Apparently there are two methods, "No Room Defined" or "creating virtual rooms". I can't find any menu option or any mention of either one of those possibilities in the pdf user guide found here: Please help a newbie out and point me to where I can learn about both of these concepts, or tell me the steps of placing/removing chair rails from specific walls (not the entire room). Any help is greatly appreciated! - Billnap