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  1. jmajerick

    Dormer issue

    A ceiling plane is what is causing the issue. I am unsure as to how to get around it. If I remove the left ceiling plane, the dormer goes into the roof just fine.
  2. jmajerick

    Dormer issue

    Looking at this again, it works over the garage. I have a vaulted ceiling under the room where I am placing the dormers. Seems there is no wall under to attach?
  3. jmajerick

    Dormer issue

    Thank you. I will work on those settings? Is it possible that the home needs a 2nd story but have it turned off?
  4. jmajerick

    Dormer issue

    I wanted to add 3 fake dormers to my house and I am running into an issue. Please see attached. Is this because the raised roof of the porch does not have enough clearance under it? No matter what position I set the dormer, I see the same issue. Sometimes I can get the window to appear, but I there will never be any sides. I am watched all the videos I could find on dormers, but I am not finding any troubleshooting help. Thank you. Home Designer Pro 2014
  5. Turns out the issue was my porch walls. I was able to expand the width of the porch to resolve the issue.
  6. I have fixed the left side. On the right, I see what the culprit is, but I am unable to resolve. See attached. Thanks!
  7. I have auto rebuild roofs on and have been able to layout the roof on my home properly. The next step is to add a cathedral or vaulted ceiling (not sure which one) to my family room, but that isn't important. When I remove the ceiling from the family room. it opens up the walls on the gable ends of my raised roof for the porch. Not sure how to correct this. One side is being caused by a wall I have drawn for a fireplace. If I remove that, that wall is corrected. The right side of the house I am unable to resolve. Honestly, not sure why that wall for the fire place causes this. I have attached two screen shots to better show my issue. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! Software is Home Designer Pro 2014 Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit