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  1. If I browse to Home Designer Core Catalogs > Interiors > Accessories > Rugs > Rectangular Rug, I can click on the icon in the Preview Pane, and then click in a room on my floor plan, and a rug is drawn. If, instead, I enter "rugs" in the search bar, I get some additional rugs to show up. If I click on, for example, "Oriental Blue Rug" in the Search Results Pane, the colored, patterned rug shows in the Preview Pane. However, if I click on that rug in the Preview Pane, and try to click on a room area in my floor plan, nothing happens. I get the similar non-behavior for the "Border Rug Green". I even tried this with a new plan, drawing exterior walls, then interior walls; I got the same behavior. Is there something special about those search results? If so, how do I take advantage of the rug types shown? Oriental Blue Rug.pdf Border Rug Green.pdf
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate the tips!
  3. I am a novice user of Home Designer Architect. I was having trouble getting a gable roof to cover a rear space on the 2nd floor. I made the room an Unspecified type room. Then the gable drew (but still have an issue with that--see below). However, the area for bay window on the first floor of the Dining Area then extends all the way to the roof--a bump out of the wall. There should be no bump out, only a bay window on the 1st floor. The bump out obscures the bedroom window above it on the second floor. How do I get just the bay window, and no bump out? If you change the room type to Attic, the bump out goes away. However, then you get an error message "Error in side ridges while producing a roof plane". And then the roof does not properly cover that rear area on the second floor (which is basically an unbuilt bedroom). Another issue is that the gable on the side of the house should extend down to the top of the 1st floor. Instead, it extends down to the top of the 2nd floor. How do I get it to extend down to the top of the 1st floor? (I have to do a similar thing on the front of the house.) Home Designer Architectural 2017 Build Carlow Drive.plan