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  1. 8Mango

    Editing Walls

    I figured it out, but it was a long process. I got help from C.A. staff, but I still had to stumble around and find some things for myself. Here is what I eventually found to work: Build Menu>Wall>Break Wall to choose limits of wall area to change. Then go to Edit MENU>Select Objects>to select this desired wall section between the inserted breaks. After selecting object, the Edit TOOL PANE (not drop down menu) will appear. Use Open Object tool, a Wall Specification dialog will open. Scroll down list on left side of the dialog to “Wall Types.” A drop down menu line will appear within the Wall Spec dialog. Use it to choose the type of wall to replace the selected section with. Select OK and the new wall type will be inserted. Previously I had been trying to use Build>Wall>Define Wall Types to start drawing a new wall in the old section area. It didn't work, and I didn't need to draw a new one, just change the area I selected with the process above. Thanks (and my signature should show up now with my system info, too)
  2. 8Mango

    Editing Walls

    Signature info added. Thanks for that tip. But I wonder why yours drew a wall and mine didn't? I'll continue to research.
  3. 8Mango

    Editing Walls

    Thanks David. For some reason I can't fathom "drawing the wall type of your choice" isn't happening for me. Should I have not deleted the selected section before I tried to draw a new wall? For some reason I can't even get the test sample I attached to my message to even draw any kind of wall where the deleted original section was. For instance, I went back to my Wall Test attached to my original message, I chose the "Build" menu / Straight Exterior Wall / Define Wall Types, and clicked "OK" on a different wall type I had already created--an 11" thick brick & block wall. Then I tried to draw that wall between the two ends of the wall in my test plan. But all I got was a dashed line, not a wall. See my result at this second attachment Wall Test2 Wall Test2.plan
  4. 8Mango

    Editing Walls

    Beginning with HD Pro on a Mac, I have drawn my first plan exterior walls. Now I want to go back and cut out sections of the exterior and insert sections of different walls. (My plan models an existing house which has been heavily remodeled.) I've seen how to insert wall breaks, and I experimented on a separate plan by drawing a long wall, breaking a middle section of its length, and deleting that section. But I've been unable to insert or attach a new wall type between the two ends where I cut a section out of the wall. Attached is my wall experiment. I drew a long, straight wall, then cut out a center section of it. Now I want to fill that blank space with a different type of wall. Thanks in advance. Wall Test.plan