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  1. Mybigchief1958

    Cabinet crown molding missing

    Thanks guys, the wall is not an invisible wall, but an interior wall with a large doorway placed in it. I probably didn't build this correctly as I am just not that familiar with this whole program. I'll keep plugging away at it, perhaps I'll get it. Thanks for your replies!
  2. Mybigchief1958

    Cabinet crown molding missing

    Good afternoon! I am doing a kitchen design, for myself, and struggling with an issue. I built this wall, placed a large doorway in it, and now I'm thinking I did something wrong. The cabinets don't want to extend into the opening. I was able to get the cabinet to extend in the opening, but the crown molding does not. Is there an easy fix on this? Thanks much in advance! Wide doorway.pdf Missing crown.pdf
  3. Mybigchief1958

    Arched cabinet opening

    Thank you! I haven't done anything with a custom backsplash, but will holler back if I get stuck. Thank you again for your time!
  4. Mybigchief1958

    Arched cabinet opening

  5. Mybigchief1958

    Arched cabinet opening

    Good morning! I am having trouble finding how to make the top rail on a wall cabinet face to have an arch. I see how to put an arched door, but I want the cabinet to be open with no door. Thank you!!
  6. Mybigchief1958

    Range hoods

    I'd like to know how to create a custom range hood, or if there is a library with additional options. Thanks much in advance!