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    Thank you for your response!! That helped a lot.
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    Thank you for deciphering my explanation. Your image is correct - that is how I would like the roof to look. The problem is - no matter what I try I can not get it to generate the way you show above. Just need to get this project done and then I will be upgrading both my laptop and my program for more custom roof capabilities. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Using Home Designer Architectural 2017. Having difficulties getting a fairly simple roof to render correctly in 3D. I am sure it is some simple thing I am missing but I CAN NOT get it correct. See the Floor Plan Below. Peak of Trusses are to run North/South over garage into bedroom. Peak of Trusses are to run West/East over Living thru Kitchen/Dining Peak of Trusses are to run North/South over Sun Room There is a second story over the bedroom portion of the garage end of the home. The second picture shows how the program is wanting the roof to be. I do not understand why it is creating this crazy roof line. I want it to appear about like the 3rd picture. Other than the West/East portion would tie all the way into the garage. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. New User - with HD Architectural Placed a sectional sofa in a room - want to place an ottoman near the sectional but I can't. The ottoman will not move into the space. The sectional - when selected shows up as a large square and the ottoman will not move within that square. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!