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    Gable Roof Problems

    I'm trying to replicate a gable roof on an existing structure, but having problems. I can't seem to make the pitch 6/12 on the reverse gable, when I change it the whole roof changes. I'm also having a problem keeping the ridge in line with the different pitches. I tried using breakwall tool to change pitch on the same wall but that doesn't seem to work. Here are some plan pics and actual pics
  2. chrisp69

    Gable Roof Problems

    When i select the wall with the front gable, and change the pitch to 6/12 the rest of the roof changes from the 11/12 to 6/12 also. Yes the gable does protrude past front wall a little, but didn't get that far yet. Was just playing with the roof pitches first. Thanks Chris
  3. chrisp69

    Gable Roof Problems

    Just a gable @ 90 degrees from the main ridge.
  4. chrisp69

    Gable Roof Problems

    Deleted and reinserted pics hope you can see. I can see all pics when i click on post
  5. Can you change the color/texture of stock subway tile in library to one of the stone colors, without changing the subway pattern. I tried material eyedropper and material painter, color changes but the pattern changes too.
  6. chrisp69

    How to change color/texture of stock subway tile

    Thanks for trying David
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    Glass Shower

    Trying to create glass shower. I followed the example in HD software questions using half straight wall instead of curved. It will not allow me to reduce wall thickness to 1/2", also when i change ballusters to glass nothing happens. I don't want glass going to ceiling maybe 86" high. How do you change wall height of 1/2 wall dialog box doesn't have option. Architectural 2012 Windows Vista
  8. chrisp69

    Glass Shower

    Thanks I'll give that a try. Working on it over the weekend