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  1. ok so if I want running bond it can not be created using the running bond pattern. Bummer I will have to work on that. If I have additional Q's Ill reach out TSM
  2. Using HD PRO '21 Imported material set pattern to running bond will not take on pattern not sure where my mistake is
  3. thank you I was able to delete them
  4. Hi Everyone Not sure where or why these X's have appeared on my floor plan but I am not able to remove them or make any adjustment that will correct why they have appeared. Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you, Kat. Thanks for catching that. it did the trick!
  6. Ceiling height settings for 1st fl
  7. I have not been able to place soffit anywhere. I was trying to place over the refrigs, but when I received the error message, I tried other areas and received the same message Areas tried...ceiling, floor, outside, over upper cabinets ...anywhere The first pic is the default settings I believe. THANKS
  8. I am unable to place a soffit or use the soffit tool. I get this message I could not find any info on this error Any suggestions appreciated
  9. Do you know if the partitions will insert into a cabinet with a door front? will try it out TY
  10. Thanks Will give this a try. Home Designer Pro 2017
  11. Is it possible to create vertical slots/shelving in a cabinet to store pans with a door front? I have been successful in creating vertical slots/shelving in a cabinet, but then I can not add a door front. Any suggestions?