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  1. While I am here, I am wondering how I can get the point to point dimensions to let me select small items like partitions and panels. I can't select them when they are 3/4". Thanks! Doc3.docx
  2. Thanks guys. I think I updated my signature with the required info. Kay, so I have been you youtube, have scoured the knowledge base (to the best of my ability) and I just can't seem to find anything on it. But what you are saying is that a 3/4" panel, added to the cabinet through changing the cabinet settings, will not increase the cabinet width. Right? I can either make the cabinet 3/4" wider, if I am adding a panel OR I can create a 3/4" wide cabinet with a panel added and all other features removed, correct? Just want to triple check;)
  3. Hi, So I have set the defaults for the cabinet end panels as 3/4", but when I add them to a cabinet, they don't seem to increase the width of the cabinet or occupy 3/4" on my drawing. For example, if I have a 12" wall cabinet, and I add a right side panel using the cabinet settings, the cabinet length does not increase to 12 3\4", it remains 12". My panel defaults are 3/4" under the accessories. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks! NTW