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    two roofs for a single structure

    I'm designing a flat roof house and I need to design for a roof truss system.However one section of the structure has an East-West span of 51' 2". The other section has an East-West span of 31' 2". Is there a facile method for generating roof trusses for both sections? The pitch (1:12) is the same for both. ThanksGuy
  2. 2UWrangler

    Adding Wall Types to a user catalog

    Yes, I copied my "base" floor plan to the templates folder and now I can use it various other plans. Thanks very much for your help. Guy
  3. 2UWrangler

    Adding Wall Types to a user catalog

    Is it possible to add unique wall types to the user catalog ? Is there another way to save special wall types for use in other plans instead of re-defining them for every new plan ? Thanks Guy
  4. 2UWrangler

    How to specify "NO SUB-FLOOR"

    Hello Solver, So the phrase "I'm using HD Pro 2017" was insufficient ? That prevented any discourse on how to resolve the problem ??
  5. 2UWrangler

    How to specify "NO SUB-FLOOR"

    I'm using HD Pro 2017. Does anyone know if it's possible to specify "No Sub-Floor" on a per room basis ? I planning on using 1 x 6 red-oak planks in all rooms except the baths, kitchen, laundry, and utility rooms. In those rooms I can specify a sub-floor and tile. However for the 1 x 6 planks I want those fixed perpendicular to the floor joists (2 x 12 12' 24" OC) I don't need sub-floor. Any ideas, and or comments ? Thanks Guy
  6. 2UWrangler

    Framing Plan

    Hi Solver ...thanks for the reference. It appears that my version Home Designer Architect 2017 doesn't allow editing of the Floor Structure Dimension "L". However the drafting supplies I ordered have just came in the mail. So I'll just make my own drawings as opposed to a 2nd upgrade. I'm not spending another 300.00$ just to find out that there's other functionality that's lacking and I'll have to upgrade to the Full "Blown" CA system for another 2000.00$ Guy
  7. 2UWrangler

    Framing Plan

    I have Home Designer Architectural 2017. I want to develop a set of framing plans. In the Floor Default settings how do I adjust the value for the "Floor Structure (L)" ??? Thanks Guy