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  1. Thank you everyone. My foundation must have corrupted when I moved and removed an external wall and created the cathedral ceiling. Problem solved! I deleted the foundation and redrew the slab. Beautiful!
  2. Hi all, I have been using Chief architect for 2 and a bit years now. I have had no issues until I downloaded the 2014 edition after having to reboot my computer. I opened up my original plans and the floors were visible and there were no issues. After moving walls and creating a cathedral ceiling, I now can only see the concrete slab in all of my views. I cannot see each rooms flooring. I have since moved the walls back and removed the cathedral ceiling to try and rectify the problem. I have unclicked the room labels and reshown them, I have deleted walls, checked the flooring height to make sure it is not a negative number, I have gone into the tools menu and unchecked and checked things etc and no success. My plan is too big to upload. I need this plan working as I am submitting the plans to the council and working with my building company to get everything perfect before the end of the month (Jan 2017)