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  1. Delmurphy

    deleting toe kick

    Got it, thanks! I didn't realize that I could select different areas of the cabinet in the preview pane and modify them.
  2. Delmurphy

    deleting toe kick

    Using Home Designer Suite 2017. I have checked all the menus I can think of and can't see how to delete the toe kick from a cabinet.
  3. Delmurphy

    want to create a partial wall, not a pony wall

    The 1/2 wall (pony wall) option did it by changing the wall height. The railing option did as well. Both ended up with a board on top. Thanks!
  4. Delmurphy

    want to create a partial wall, not a pony wall

    That worked for the wall and height, but it puts a rail across the top that I can't get rid off . . .
  5. Running Home Designer Suite 2017 and want to create a partial wall between our kitchen and the great room. The kitchen side of the wall will be counter topped with cabinets, so we need a wall to place the cabinets on. The top 1/3 to 1/4 will be open to the great room on the other side of the wall. My only choices seem to be a full interior wall, or a pony wall which comes out to be counter high, and is of no use in this application. Any ideas? Thanks, Nick