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  1. Hi After playing around with the join options I managed to get the roof plains joined. Thanks again for your help! Bruce. roof join 1.pdf
  2. Hi Folks, How do I join these two roofs?
  3. Hi Jo Ann, Love it! Between you and Eric, you have given us some great ideas. My wife and I have spent hours trying to figure out how to design an addition on this story and a half. We spoke to an local designer but he couldn't provide 3D concept renderings so we thought we would give it a shot ourselves. so we purchased Home Designer Pro. I posted a few questions to the support folks at Chief and they were helpful but suggested I join the form and seek some ideas from folks like yourselves. So, we appreciate your help!!! I'm not an expert but I believe this design would be the most cost effective and less intrusive to the existing roof structure and in my opinion it looks great. What do you think Eric? My wife had a big smile on her face when she had a quick glance at the pics as she was running out the door. I'm at work now but can't wait to get home and have a go at these new ideas. Thanks again to you both! Bruce
  4. This is where we are located on our wonderful planet.
  5. Hi Eric, Thanks again for the ideas, it looks great. I'm going to make the changes to see how it looks in the designer. We like the ideas of expanding the main roof so it doesn't look like an addition and the dormers. The biggest issue would be the cost, we may be limited to keeping it simple. Integrating a new roof into one that's 60 years old maybe very costly. We may get to the point where it would be cheaper to tear it down and build new. I'm curious to tap into your experience even more and ask you this, if you had to create the addition that would include the back porch connected to the garage and the new main addition on the other side all without touching the main roof, how would you design it? When the renovations are completed you will have to visit us in St John's Newfoundland Canada. Thanks again very much for all your help! Bruce.
  6. Hi Eric, Continuing with your suggestions, I added the gable roof to the main addition, let me know if this is what you had in mind. Still have to figure out the existing window on that side, the roof peak in overlapping it a bit, we may have to replace it or move it up. We thought about your suggestions for the dormers, but this type of renovation may take us outside our budget. I added my file again in case you have any additional suggestions and a few pics of the house, it's about 60 years old, my wife's dad built it. Thanks again Bruce! Addition_6.plan
  7. Hi Eric, It took me a good few hours to get this far but with your help I created a design very similiar to what you proposed. I found the roof join was the most difficult to get to right and had to create the join manually. When I selected each roof and tried to join with the join tool I always got the popup warning to create a break. I've been watching the videos online and have much more to learn and try out. I appreciate your help, thanks again Bruce.
  8. Hi Solver, I'm trying to create the Portico, I can't get the roof to join up with the roof above, I tried the join tool by using the display to the first floor and I keep getting a message to use the break tool. I tried that at different points between the two roofs but no luck. I also tried raising the ceiling height, but still no go. Any tips on how you did this in your example? Thanks Bruce
  9. Hi Solver, I'm trying to recreate your roof design to replace my flat roofs but can't get the gable and shed roof to join like you did. Any tips on how I would go about joining the two roofs? I can join two manual roofs on the same floor with the join tool but can't join two roofs that are on different floors. Thanks Bruce.
  10. I just realized you attached a redesigned, thanks very much. I really like the idea of extending the second floor out over the garage. Bruce.
  11. Hi, Sorry, yes there are two small bedrooms on the second floor, I don't have them in the design yet. Thanks Bruce
  12. Hi, Sorry, yes there are two small bedrooms on the second floor, I don't have them in the design yet. Thanks Bruce
  13. Hi All, I'm very new to Home Designer Pro 2017, I'm trying to design an addition to our 60 year old one and one half story home. I thought I would create a post here to see if anyone can suggest an idea to change a flat roof design for the garage and back porch\laundry section. We can't change the gable roof on the main section but would like to change the roof on the garage and back porch to be a little more appealing. I posted the design file on here if anyone would like to make any suggestions on how to redesign it. Thanks in advance! Bruce. Addition_4.plan