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  1. Ok! Thank you very much! Now I don't have to look for it anymore! =)
  2. Thank you for trying to help! @solver, you're so right, I was actually forgetting about the structure below the floor! The software is probably setting the door at the proper height from the beginning. Initially, it seemed to me that the door was far too high up on the wall. I also got strange results when I wanted a house with basement (and cellar windows) but a garage without basement beside the house. The garage door ended up at the same level as the house's entrance door (up on the wall). I will try to solve that on my own. @TomGriff, that is exactly what I though of from the beginning! But I cannot find any box to change this, maybe I'm blind. I included an image.
  3. Hello! I have made a picture that explains what I would like to do. Basically, I want to change the height of the exterior walls (from the bottom), or alternatively, descend the floor and door so as to let the foundation come closer to the door. I have let the basement floor go above ground, allowing a window to let light in (thats how houses are in Sweden, typically). I have tried to solve this questions for three hours now, but now it is time to ask for help! Best regards Fredrik Pettersson Edit: I have Home Designer Architectural 2017 Build October 25, 2016