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    Walls and roof not appearing in 3D views

    Will do. Others could see what I could not. Their screen shots showed the missing items.
  2. Planman1944

    Walls and roof not appearing in 3D views

    I'm working on a 2-story house. Only some of the exterior walls on the second story appear in the dollhouse view. Even after doing the build-roof command, no roof appears on the second story in any of the 3D views, but a roof does show over the first floor in the dollhouse view. In the 3D camera views of the exterior, the first floors don't appear at all...the second floor is just floating above the landscape. So the dollhouse views and the 3D camera views don't agree/match. I've read and re-read the Reference Guide on roofs but I'm obviously doing something wrong that I can't figure out from the guides. Assistance would be appreciated! Alder Street new floor plan no FP.plan