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  1. All of my walls are formed but they have crown molding as shown on this example. How do I fix this? Ceiling height is 10ft.
  2. I was away from my MacBook Pro and I heard it re-start on it's own. I had Home Designer Pro Trial opened and a pretty complete home design up among other programs. When it re-started, Home Designer Pro was still open but my project was gone. I planned to buy on Monday during business hours after I gave it the weekend to be sure I liked the software. So I have no saved version. Any thoughts on how to retrieve the work that I have done?
  3. How do I get rid of the dotted lines indicating where a wall was originally placed but has been moved?
  4. I'm looking for someone to take my 2D floor plan into a 3D model. I don't mind taking a shell and adding in the details myself. I'm a graphic designer but new to this software and crunched for time to deal with a large learning curve. Suggestions?