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  1. Hi! It was suggested I post here with this type of question, so I am happy to try! If you look closely at the image, it can be seen that unfinished wood is showing where my basement ceiling and basement wall connects in Home Designer Suite 2018. I can't seem to fix it after trying different things. Perhaps my settings are wrong, but I can't seem to figure out in which way. I am lost. I'm trying to finish this basement. Any suggestions as to why this is occurring? This unfinished wood line appears along the top of all four basement walls. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am using Home Designer Suite 2017. I cannot find the solution to my questions anywhere. I was able to build a better roof with help from the forum, but I still can't get the top part to match up. When I build my foundation, I can't see it ( it is not turned off in display). Also, when I build the foundation, the bottom floor part of my bay window disappears. At one point, when I was trying things, the hip roof that I wanted for my bay window appeared at the bottom of it rather than the top. It is very strange. I can't figure out where the mishap is. Thanks for any help needed.
  3. holm0326

    Gable roofs do not match up

    Thank you so much! Your suggestions really helped!
  4. holm0326

    Gable roofs do not match up

    I'm sorry that I didn't add the extra information. I am only using the Home Designer Suite, so my options my be limited.
  5. holm0326

    Gable roofs do not match up

    I have worked on this roof for hours and was able to move forward through trial and error, but now I am stuck. I hope someone can help. I cannot seem to get my gable roof to match up in the middle and I am not sure why. Also, When I try to attach a bay window, which is supposed to have a hip roof, it ends up affecting the gable roof above it, which I don't want. I have attached images to visually explain. Thank you.