Door & Window Schedules + Wall Framing & Blocking Detail

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Door & Window Schedules


1.       Finish Floor Plans

2.       Click Tools >> Material List

3.       Calculate Material List (Select Floors or All Floors)

4.       Open Material List Display Options

5.       Under Categories, select only Doors or Windows

6.       Under Columns, select on desired columns. Move up or down to the desired location, MAKING SURE THE SELECTED BOXES ARE GROUPED TOGETHER ON THE TOP SIDE FOR EASY EDITING

7.       Highlight everything, go to Edit and Copy

8.       Go to Floor Plan View and Paste

9.       Open Object and Edit and remove unnecessary items

10.   Under Attributes, click on Display Border and Display Grid Lines or Alignment and centered if desired

11.   Continue Editing. To add Headers, place cursor above the column line and type your heading

12.   Once finished, tile vertically the new Schedule and Floor Plan to verify the count and location

13.   Click Edit >> Preferences >> Appearance >> Colors >> Selection Fill (select color which is easier to see on the plan)



Wall Framing & Blocking Detail


1.       Select Backclipped Cross Section and clip only on the specific wall.

2.       Open Display Options, Select All and Uncheck Display.

3.       On the same box, check Framing, Ceiling Blocking, Framing, Headers and Framing, Wall only.

4.       Go back to Floor Plan View

5.       Build >> Framing >> Joist Blocking

6.       Place Joist Blocking on the Wall area.

7.       Position Joist Blocking to the side of the wall either interior or exterior.

8.       This is a Ceiling Joist Blocking, therefore it is located on the ceiling height.

9.       Click on the CJ Blocking and open Framing Specification.

10.   Specify the Depth and Width of the Blocking.

11.   Specify Top or Bottom Height and click Lock on the desired radio button.

12.   Drag the single blocking left or right to extend to the desired location.

13.   Copy and paste and drag another set of blocking to another height on the wall if desired.

14.   Dimension and complete the view.

15.   Save and name the Camera for that specific view.


These 2 tricks should bring HD a few notches closer to the Premier Version...




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