How to Be a Better Architect?

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What makes architecture one of the most interesting disciplines, is the fact that it is interrelated to all kinds of other disciplines and all aspects of life. For example, if we say architecture and maths, there is parametric design, or if we say architecture and natural science, there is biomimicry. To be a successful architect, you need be well informed in all fields of life. You need to know a bit of this and that, and, more than anything else, you need to know about people. Architecture is a growing field. New things emerge every day and you have to keep up with all the changes and the latest trends. The process of learning never stops. It goes on for life. Improving as an architect, achieving success, and building a career you can be proud of is by no means an easy task. So here, we will give you some tips which shall, hopefully, guides you on your way forward.

1.Recognize your goals and work towards them.

Are you doing it just for the money? Or prestige? Or is it something bigger and deeper than that? While money, surely, matters, it somehow comes along the way, and so does the prestige. Setting them as ultimate goals could move you nowhere. Think more about what you will be adding to this world and how you will be of service to its people. Develop yourself with that goal in mind: “I want to make the world a better place to live in,” and then everything else and more will just come along.


2.Read more about architecture and other disciplines.

Don’t underestimate the role which reading can play in your development. Maybe, start by composing a reading list of all the books which might be useful or interesting to you. They can be about the history and theories of architecture or the art and science of design. They can be about world history, geography, demographics, cultures, and politics, or they can be autobiographies and self-development guides. Nothing you will read can ever go to waste, even fiction. The more you read, the more your mind will grow and your backgrounds will broaden.

3.Keep yourself updated with the latest news in and outside the field.

Knowing what is going on in the world is vital to your work as an architect. Try to keep track of the latest projects, the emerging architects and practices, the new competitions, and the award winners. Also, be aware of the current political events, changing economies, and latest scientific discoveries. It will all affect your work in one way or another.

4.Make use of the rapidly growing technologies and stay informed.

Some architects prefer to ignore the developments in the tools and techniques of architecture practice. They believe they can go on like they have always done, and things will work out. However, the advancements in design computation and software development have changed the way things work. They have accelerated the pace and expanded the possibilities. So, keeping up with the old ways and resisting change could get you left behind, far away from the competition. Try to keep track of the latest updates in design software, and learn what may be useful to you and enhance your practice.


5.Learn about other disciplines

With the widespread of massive and open online courses (MOOCs) now, you can learn anything from the comfort of your home. You want to start your own private practice, then learn more about running and managing a business. You are designing a facility for kids, then check out for a course on children psychology. You are merely interested in politics, law, or a certain historical era, then go ahead and feed your curiosity, and like Mahatma Gandhi said: “Learn as if you were to live forever.”

6.Communicate with fellow architects.

Be part of the architectural society. Join local groups and syndicates. Keep in touch with fellow architects from your community, and discuss the needs and demands of your society and how you can professionally deal with them. You can, also, join online forums, communicate with architects from all over the world and exchange your knowledge and experience with them.


7.Socialize with the community.

Meet with your friends and engage with the community. Attend social events and go to neighborhood gatherings. Learn more about your social circle, for it should reflect on the architecture you provide them with. Make time for family, and remember that they will be living in the world you shall build as an architect.

8.Take on volunteering.

There is a good way you can serve your community and gain experience as well, and there are many ways for you, as an architect, to be helpful. For example, you can give free tour guiding services to local historical sites, raising the community’s awareness and pride of their local heritage. You can participate in the renovation of your old school, or design that little annex for the neighborhood orphanage. You can teach little kids how to read or draw or help high school students with choosing their career paths or preparing for architecture school.
If you try to go through with this tips, you will not only feel the change in the way you do your job or the way you perform, but you will, also, feel satisfaction on a personal level. Being able to serve the people you care for, your community, and the entire world, by doing what you love is an incomparable pleasure.

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