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  1. Thank you, Jo_Ann. I missed (or decided it was not important) setting the defaults. I did not use them when I designed one room, but after skimming the reference manual and watching some of the videos where a member of the HomeTalk board reviews someone's plans, I see how they help. I really did not understand the importance after watching the Home Designer videos and webinars. I am reading the manuals closer now and I hope to start this weekend.

    Thanks all


  2. I am not sure my post is clear...

    I am slowly renovating our existing, 50 year old ranch, starting with the master bath. I now want to start designing changes for the rest of the house.


  3. With help from this forum, I have used Home Designer Suite 2017 to start the design for my bathroom renovation. It is not perfect, but we can plan from it and I will keep improving it. I feel that I have learned enough to enter the design of the whole house into Home Designer and start dreaming of our next renovation. Would you share your favorite way to start and develop your plans? For example, do you like to create the exterior walls OR the property and elevation first? At what point do you design the roof and in my case, the partial daylight basement.



    Home Designer Suite 2017

  4. Thanks, Jo_Ann. I think I am starting to get the big stuff and now I need to start learning the details. I updated my last post with a couple of images to show my current design version. I will try the chair rails one night this week. I have been reading how to show shower alcoves and that will be my weekend project!


  5. Thank you all! I had not even thought of using the soffit tool. It worked well and looks great. I will watch the video tonight. Thanks for sharing the link.

    I tried chair rails and floor molding with poor results. Both work on a room level. I need to learn how to change my mind set to use the tools for more than the obvious purpose.

    Thank you again and I will post some images.



  6. I just purchased Home Designer Suite 2017 for Windows. I am in the process of a room by room renovation of a 1965 ranch house, that we will likely live in the the rest of our lives. The master bathroom is slightly less than 4 x 8 feet, so every inch matters. We are staying with a modified, but updated version of the original layout with a toilet, sink, walk-in, alcove shower. I finally managed to show the alcove shower, floor to ceiling tile, and a glass door. Now I want the rest of the room have tile about 36 inches up the wall with sheetrock above it. I cannot make the program do this. Everything looks easy on the expensive versions, but after reading the reference guide and watching countless videos, I am still stuck. The closest I have come is making a floor molding out of tiles and 36 inches tall. Because this is done on the room level, the program also did this "feature" to the glass shower wall and door. Not! Any suggestions? If I go to the up to the next feature level of the software, would it do it? Graph paper? ;)

    Thanks all,