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  1. I am not sure how you would characterize it.  Its a hip with a flare near the eves.  The top of the hip use to have a widow walk.  The thing I like about the roof line is the access space all around for utilities.  i have no idea how I would draw it.

  2. All said so far is true and taken without malice.  However, where I am now is what I have to deal with.  I can plead my case about lack of time to do things right, but what is the point?


    This program has served me well since I bought this house 5 years ago.  We have done much renovation to it.  Although the drawing might not pass mustard technically, it has allowed me to create variations and show ideas to my wife for her approval.


    We are now contemplating an addition on the back of the house and pool area (making them flow together) so my 'inaccuracies' with technique are causing some problems.  As we head into the fall, I hope  to 'fix' most of them, with assistance from the forum and continuing my proficiency with HDP, as I have a little more free time.


    Here are some pictures of the house.  I will accept all criticism and recommendations.




  3. I understand that there are issues, and I have been trying to learn the program as I go along.


     Some seem to be created by the program.  This is an old Victorian house with a hip roof where the perimeter wall are half height due to the slope of the roof.  There are dormers on each side.  I redrew the perimeter walls as such because they protruded through the rood.  I don't know why they are defined as railings now.  I am working on an addition to the back of the house to integrate the pool area into the house.  Right now you have to go to the driveway to access the pool.


    This is also a 2 family house where part of the second, and all the third are an apartment.  It seems that when I started working on ideas for the back, the family and kitchen area got redefined as a deck.  I am sure that there are mistakes all through the drawing, and I need help correcting them.  I don't know why the floors are not connected.


    It a work in progress as I better understand the program.

  4. i am using HD Pro 16 for MAC.  I have tried building a deck with the deck tools, with and without railing, but all that shows is the railing.  I converted to Mac this year from XP.  I remember having this problem with XP and solution was simple, but I cannot remember what I did then as I don't use this program that frequently.