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  1. I haven't yet figured out how to post a plan but did upload images of the settings that i have been working with and the results.


    Image 1 shows a 6" drawer front, image 2 the doors.  Image3 shows the "general" cabinet options, and image4 is the resulting materials list.








  2. Hello all, and thanks for checking out my question.


    My company is primarily a cabinet supply and install business and I've been using Home Designer Pro to do kitchen mockups and some technical drawings.  I've run into a roadblock when attempting to use it for materials list, especially doors and drawer fronts.  When I configure the cabinet e.g. 36" high, 30 wide, 24 deep using a Euro style box with a slab door and drawer, I can configure the separation + drawer + separation + 2 doors to indicate a "standard" cabinet (4-1/2" toe kick, 1-1/4" countertop, 1/4" separation followed by 6" drawer, 1/8" separation, and 23-7/8 doors). When I tell it to list materials, however, the list shows a 6-1/4" drawer and two doors whose width is 14 15/16" instead of 14-7/8".  No matter what I do with the "Box construction" and "Door / drawer overlay", I cannot get it to produce a materials list that is correct.


    Am I misunderstanding how these calculations are made based on overlay / box construction, or is there a bug in the program?


    If anyone else has encountered this and has any input I'd appreciate your help.  Tech support was not able to resolve this for me at this point.