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  1. I'm working on a plan of an 1840s Victorian house and it has interesting window alcoves where the wall becomes thinner around the window.


    Here's what I have at the moment:




    And this is the sort of thing I'd like to achieve:




    One added complication is that this only goes up to about 2.5 m, above which the wall is at full thickness.


    Can anyone suggest how to do this in Home Designer Pro, please?

  2. I'm looking at doing some Victorian plans in HD Pro 2016, with brick as an outer facing on the exterior walls. Lots of Victorian houses have a string course (also called a belt course) between floors or at the window sill level - is it possible to make that happen automatically in HD Pro? If not, how can I add something like this to my plans?

    Here's the detail of how it's built:


  3. I'm looking at Home Designer Pro to produce some models of Victorian Gothic houses, and one feature I'd like to create is an ornate porch with a front door surrounded by windows like in this picture:




    What's going to be the best way of creating something like this? I'm particularly thinking about the columns on the front, with a Gothic arch from their tops, then the recessed space with the door at the back, and the window collection around the door. Presumably the roof could be fairly automatic with a high pitch angle and extra details added to it.




  4. I'm testing out several pieces of software for producing Victorian Gothic houses, and one thing I'd like to be able to do is to have a single window span multiple floors, a bit like this:




    In my case, I'm planning to put a staircase a foot or so away from the wall, and have the windows continue up behind it as a single pane of glass. Is that possible in Home Designer Pro?