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  1. I had the same question. I am very disappointed that we cant change this setting.  Home designer really should have a setting for this. Other wise will have to move all the posts and footing as well. Then might as well draw this in old school cad. 

  2. thanks for looking answering my post!!. Everywhere around here requires a full foot print since the house is on down sloping hill side each floor has a different foot print. Guess I will just sketch up this part. 

  3. 3 floors mostly not aligned up. Normally I would just use the with the complete foot print. but since it does not ling up not don't know how to show the foot print of all the floors in in one drawing. 

  4. hi, any one know how to get attic walls to show in floor camera? I have vaulted celling, I have removed celling form the room. the interior dividing wall goes all the way up to the celling. this wall will not show in 3d views, how ever it does show in elevations. I have tried rebuilding walls and no luck. 

    2019-03-05 (1).png