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  1. I notice that several of you fellows seem to offer a 3D drafting service.  I have an upcoming project, which involves demoing an existing one story house down to the subfloor, leaving the subfloor and a few walls for tax purposes, and then building a 3700 SF 2 story house around the old subfloor.  There's nothing particularly complicated about the house.  Flat lot, colonial style, I already have the 2D plan minus the finish details (but the plans are hand drawn by a draftsman that does not use a computer).  Anyone want to give me a rough quote for turning it into 3D and teaching me how to use the 3D plan?  I may or may not actually do this, but am curious to know what it would cost.

  2. Not usually , normally you see it post immediately , but if you leave the reply window open too long and don't do anything it times out ....and sometimes kicks you back to the main forum.


    Yes , being in Select Mode helps :)  ...I was right after all....    The easy way out of a selected mode is the Spacebar  , which puts you back in Select Mode AFAIK , while the ESCape Key lets you cycle through previous selected modes  , might want to check that in the Ref.Manual too. 

    Kbird1,  what does AFAIK stand for?

  3. I don't know if my posts are coming thru.  They don't seem to be visible on this forum after I post them.  Is there a delay?


    Anyway, I solved the problem.  I wasn't clicking on the Select Objects tool before clicking on the wall that I wanted to move. 

  4. I am not sure what's going on cos if I click on that wall I get 4 different clickable dims, all which allow me to move or alter the wall, is your wall definitely selected ?



    Something's wrong with my plan.  I just tried clicking on every wall in the plan.  When selected, they should turn gray, and then when you hover the cursor over a dimension, it should turn highlighted in blue.  None of that is happening.

  5. By "vertical wall" I'm guessing you are referring to the wall to the right of the 6' 5" dimension.


    I can select that wall and drag it, or move it with the dimension.


    Why can't you move it with the dimension? -- what happens?

    If I click on the vertical wall on the right, and then click on the dimension, which is now 9'5, the dimension does not get highlighted, and I cannot change it. 

  6. Hi, I have just started learning HD Pro, and have run into a snag.  The Users Guide told me to create an interior dimension, so I did, and got the 3' and 6'5 dimensions, whereas they got one dimension that was not broken into 2 parts.  Now they want me to move the vertical wall so that the interior dimension is 9'7-3/4.  I'm trying to move the wall using dimensions, just like I moved all the exterior walls into place, but it is not working.  I can't move that wall using dimensions, or by dragging it.  There are no drag handles on it.  Can anyone help?