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  1. Love the mac version of Pro 2015. I have switched over from PC to a mac.  My biggest concern was using my Home Pro 2014 without loading the bootcamp, which I never did. Just not a big fan of windows anymore.  Anyways, off topic, lol. I just starting using the MAC version, but so far so good.  Haven't had any problems with my old plans.  

  2. Yep have all the libraries from Chief and yes I do they do what they do.  LOL.  Don't like the idea of having to log out one license on one computer, than logging it back in on another, but what can we do? LOL 

  3. Just wondering if they were ever going to release new libraries from the Home Designer versions?  I have home pro 2015 and the libraries need new ones.  Would love to have Valspar colors collection, I had it once before and somehow lost it.   Chief gets a new one about once a month, the cheap versions should as well.  Just my humble opinion.