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  1. Please take a full overview camera shot and orbit to where the right side of the porch is visible and you can see the gap between the main roof and the porch fascia board that I was speaking of earlier.  I cannot close the gap no matter what I do.


    The drawing for the front porch roof was not attached.




    Getting rid of the fascia gap is easy.


    The fascia must be at the same height so they join seamlessly. 


    attachicon.gifcxc r4.jpg attachicon.gifcxc r5.jpg


    Now reconnect the porch and garage roof, and the connection should look good.





    1st, it sounds like the manually drawn porch roof is not connected to the main roof, if you are getting a gutter there. When you draw in a roof plane it needs to be connected to the adjacent roof plane. By connected, I mean, select one roof plane, press 2, select the adjacent roof plane, and the program will, if possible, connect them. 



    Posting screen captures will help us understand, and result in better answers. And don't not post about a problem. Check the resources below first, then post if you cannot work it out.



    Resources for self help:
    The built in Help System (always a good place to start)
    There is also a Users Guide and Reference Manual available for download.



  3. Practice_Plan-Rev1_12-03-15.plan

    Here is the You Tube video of me working on your plan:







    Thread from June



    Edit>Reset to Defaults


    Select All Floors. Check all boxes below.


    Uncheck Roof Over This Room for both porches.


    Set the left, and 2 rightmost front walls to Full Gable.


    You should have, minus the porch roof, what you see here.


    attachicon.gifcxc r1.jpg


    This roof is auto built. I prefer to let the software build what it can, then use the manual tools as needed to complete the work.


    attachicon.gifcxc r2.jpg


    Review the thread referenced above for info on the porch roof.


    What does the front porch roof look like?

    There are often multiple ways to build a roof for a plan. Home Designer simply covers the space with a roof with your settings -- pitch, hip or gable etc. It does not design the roof. It is often possible to take an auto generated roof and clean it up visually, make ridges align for example. You need to use the manual roof tools for this.
    When you copy a plan, details matter. Roof overhangs, ceiling heights, room dimensions etc all need to match to give the software the info it needs to build the roof. Even then, it may not match.


    Hello David,

    Thank you for the guided video.  It offered great insight on how to manually manipulate a roof.




    I followed the steps that you outlined and restored the plan back to its original layout; however, the roof over the manually built bay windows by the garage picked up the 45 degree roof plane.  I deleted them and drew a manual roof plane over them with the porch. 


    The front porch should look like the attached drawing with an 8/12 pitch.  I've been playing with the program for the past two days in an attempt to not bug you guys with, what seems to be, trivial things.


    I've tried to add the rear porch with the 3/12 pitch per the post in June; however, I guess I have a thick skull because I am still having issues with the connecting point: there is a gap between the fascia board of the porch and the main roof line when 3D viewed via the left elevation.  How do you add gutters on just one part of the roof?  If I add gutters to the roof plane to the right of the rear porch it adds them over the entire roof plane, even where the upper portion of the porch roof and the main roof meet.  I noticed this when trying to join the two planes together.  Can one of you guys help me with this?



  4. New construction.  I purchased a 2D drawing from a designer online and wanted to put it in Designer Pro to create various walk throughs and add personal touches; however, I am having troubles matching the roof systems up.  I have included a PDF file of the online designer roof (ODR) as well as the drawn plan in Cheif Architect.  I would like to match the ODR roof with the CA roof however, I am having troubles doing so - the cuts are vastly different.  Any assistance helping me understand what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.  The entire house has roof pitch of 8/12 with the exception of the back porch, which is 3/12.  Thanks again.



  5. As it turns out, I had loaded a camera view of the plan that had grass, I'm assuming before the foundation was generated, and it did not change when the plan was updated.  I deleted and reinstated the camera view and the foundation is now there.

    Thanks for your help!

  6. I am running Designer Pro 2016.


    There are materials listed that are not associated with a given room when I highlight a specific room. 



    On the enclosed floor plan, if I highlight the room designated as SHR in the Master Bath I get corner boards & a ficus.  Can someone help me understand why this is please?


    Also if I perform a material list on all floors on the associated plan with "Cut/Buy" list set i get ceiling joist that are 1 1/8" x Width - Length.  I have not specified a thickness of 1 1/8" anywhere that I can determine; where is this coming from?


    Thanks again,




  7. I am runnng HD PRO 2016:

    Is there any way to design the triangled areas where base cabinets meet on angled walls where the walls are less than or greater than 90 degrees?  If the walls are 90 degrees then a corner cabinet can be built; however, any other angle does not appear to conform to the angled walls.
    I would like to create corner doors where two cabinets meet and gain access to the voided area(s).


    Thanks for any help that can be rendered.



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  8. This one has the porch roof fascia matching the garage. Open the porch roof plane and set its fascia height to match that of the main roof. You will need to reconnect the roofs as they will no longer join correctly.


    Also check the overhangs on the porch roof. They don't match the house.


    Is this a new house or existing?

    Thanks.  This is a new house.

  9. hi , I am not sure which roof you havewant as they are actually different , Eric's porch roof is a single plane at 3/12 , while mine is what I thought you asked for with the 3/12 and 8/12 over the house wall but I may have misunderstood? my base is at 150 (152) inch as that is where your structural wall layer is, that will carry the roof load , though that maybe unimportant these days using trusses if the porch wall is the structural load wall, so 144" should be fine


    I am not sure what your comment about the floor plan means ?  I don't see a difference


    Is the porch roof not tied into the garage roof at the same fascia height ?  see my pic vs eric's


    Attic walls are automatic , and will come back if you don't fix whatever is causing them, ie if the Roof plane is short of a parallel wall it may let part of another wall "popup" thru the roof.

    -post your new plan or pics

    I most likely presented it incorrectly.  I was actually looking for the layout that Eric produced.    When I set the values above I received what you are depicting and expected Eric's results - that was the difference I was speaking of.  The porch is definitely tied into the garage roof at the same fascia height.  I am looking for the steps that were taken to achieve Eric's outcome.

  10. Here is the modified plan. 


    Check the roof planes around the porch, and the attic walls above the porch.


    I'm new to this software and arena and appreciate you taking the time to assist me in this endeavor.  The floor plan is exactly what I am looking for; however, I'm hopeful that I may gain an understanding on how you got there.  When I tried setting the porch wall: lower/upper 3/12 & 8/12 with baseline set at 144" with an auto build set, the outcome was close but not the same.  On a side note: the program automatically created the undesireable attic walls for some reason what is the best way to remove them without causing issues?

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