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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I'm having trouble downloading updates. When I open Chief Architect, it tells me there are updates available. When I click 'yes' to install them, it tells me there is no internet connection and to check to see if I have a default browser on my computer. I've never had this problem before. Also, if I open my plan file and try to download updates within the program itself, I get the same error. I just upgraded to 2017 this past summer. My license is still active, obviously, but I can't get the updates. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. Here are two comparison views on the Full Perspective Overview. The first one shows the view from HDPro 2016, the second one is using 2017. Notice how the new version has distorted the view, making the portion of the house on the left side seem very far away and stretched and the roof line on the garage is stretched and out of proportion from the older version. It is most noticeable when rotating the 3D view. I don't like this at all.



  3. Hello,

    I just downloaded Chief Architect Pro 2017, upgrading from 2016. My 3D exterior view is now distorted on the plan I've been working on. Looks like a 'fish eye' effect. Roof lines are odd looking, etc. Anyone else experiencing this? It looks awful. I can still open it in 2016 and it looks great. Am I going to have to re-build using the new version or is this something I'm going to have to live with? I'm not sure if interiors are affected but will update as I continue to familiarize myself with the new version. Thanks.