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  1. Trying to slope the rear roof of the main structure from the roof peek to the first floor so that the lower edge of the roof sits above the first floor rear windows and door. Can't seem to get

    it to work without messing up the roof planes of the adjacent structure. Found a few videos but had no luck.


    The side walls are defined as full gable. Tried setting the back wall as a knee wall and the second floor wall that's parallel to it as extended slope downward but I still get a full second floor.


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated



    Using Home Designer Architect 2021 on a window 10 computer.




  2. Been using Home Designer Suite for a number of years and just upgraded to Architectural 2021. I'm trying to create a realistic perception of a tray ceiling with little luck. Found an old post from several years ago that recommended using a wedge. A wedge, coupled with a soffit got me about 90% of the way there but leave the corners empty. I've attached a picture of what results when combing these two. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

    soffit plu wedge.docx