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  1. I'm helping a client/friend with the design of their home.

    They want an underground garage that is partially under the house and partially under a patio. - no problem, the town allows it and the HDPro 2024 software can do that. The terrain and terrain hole aren't a problem eithery.

    They sent me the picture that inspired the idea.


    The problem is, I can't find the right way to put in the ramp and retaining walls of the driveway. I tried putting a terrain flat around the house and the drive and terrain elevation lines going down the drive to a lower terrain flat, but it turned out a lumpy mess.





    PS. Caution about looking for the source of this screenshot of drone footage. :o

  2. I noticed something really odd in HDP 2023 and ceilings disappearing, I never noticed this in 2022, If flat ceiling and gutters are both turned off the ceiling goes away and there is only empty space and OSB.