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  1. caf200's post in Viewing 360 Panorama from Phone while sitting down was marked as the answer   
    You're welcome.
    I'm just and end user but I spent a fair amount more time playing with this again.
    To levelset
    a) the 3D view models
    a1) can be viewed on the phone apps if you are logged into your account
    a2) via a shared "browser URL" link that user can click on in their PC or on their phone. 
    BOTH let you do 360 view rotations
    NOTE! on the phone app, you can do this with only your finger by turning Gyro OFF (pict below) or by rotating the phone.
    b) the 360 panorama exports are ONLY a "browser URL" link that user can click on in their PC or on their phone.  Both run in an internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc).
    b1) If I look one of these on my Win PC desktop machine, I can use my mouse to spin around and zoom in and out a little.
    b2) If I look at one of these on my Android (Google) Pixel 6 Pro, then it uses the gyro (rotate phone).  I thought I could use the 'b1)' idea and change the browser setting to force 'show on desktop' view and then use my finger like my mouse.  However, this didn't work and I only get a fixed image that I can not rotate. I only tried Chrome and not FireFox.
    b3) sort of an aside but creating the 360 panoramas as 8192 x 4096 was way better details than 4096 x 2048 (aka 8K-4K vs 4K-2K).
    My recommendation is to have them do
    'a2)' --- with Gyro OFF when doing it on the phone or on the PC for a WAY better view
    'b1)' --- WAY better to see on bigger screen anyway
    NOTE: make sure they change the Rendering from Basic to Standard.  It seems to default to Basic on my powerful phone or my powerful PC. (I would have guessed it would query the graphics capability and set it to Standard on both).
    Phone apps:
    Android (Google):
    iOS (Apple):