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  1. Thank you very much for the quick response, Eric. I am back in business.  Displaying the DEED layer and deleting it fixed it.  I imported a DWG and selected Convert To terrain perimeter for the DEED layer. I think that's when things went wrong.


    Thanks again and I really appreciate the fix!



  2. I build a terrain and then deleted it.  Now, the terrain perimeter button is greyed out and I followed the troubleshooting article Troubleshooting Why the Terrain Tools are Greyed Out (, with the issue still. I also checked my Display Options and terrain perimeter is selected. I have attached my plan file if anyone would like to look into it.


    This started when I tried to delete the terrain. I went into the 3D view and selected the terrrain, then delete.


  3. When I change my wall type from Siding-6 to Brick-4 the dimensions of the foundation are increasing, which is not what I want. I want to keep my foundation dimensions unchanged.  Is there a way to do this?

  4. I have an electronic PDF of a house plan that I want to recreate in Home Designer. The PDF consists of a foundation plan and a first floor plan. The foundation plan looked the easiest to trace so I started there.  However, it appears that after tracing the foundation plan it doesn't automatically make walls on the first floor. Should I redo this and trace the first floor plan or is there a way to get the first floor to produce?

  5. I tried that and it still leaves me with one side that isn't oriented the right direction.


    I copied and changed to 90 degrees.  It is the back of the "cabinet" that is oriented differently than the rest of it.

  6. Good afternoon,


    I am trying to change the direction of the brick material on one side of a knee high wall.  It has the bricks stacked on their short edge, but it should be stacked on long edge.  I made it out of a base cabinet.  I tried using the Adjust Material Definition command, but it adjusted it for the entire wall.  I have the same issue for the vertical separation for the counter made adjacent to the outside wall.


    Is their a way to adjust one side of the wall only?  It needs to match the direction of the fireplace brick.  It seems like one of the faces is oriented differently than the other.  

    Covered Patio

    I zipped the plan file and attached it.



    Thanks for looking at my post.







  7. Than you very much Solver and David!  You both helped tremendously and I was able to build it correctly.  Thanks for taking the time.

  8. I'm trying to show raised tie trusses for my covered outdoor patio using the Home Designer Training video attached below.  I'm planning to build custom trusses as shown starting at time 5:08.  I don't make it that far as I'm getting an error message that the roof and ceiling planes cannot be found or they are too close together.  I believe that the roof and ceiling planes are present so is there a way to increase the space between the roof and ceiling in order for the truss to be built?  Also, I noticed that my ceiling surface isn't showing or is not showing in the correct location as can be seen with the mounting location of the ceiling fan and recessed lighting.  I've checked the layer display settings and it is toggled ON. 


    Also, my plan is attached. Covered Patio


    Video Guide :


    Thank you,





    Warning Message



    Example Truss





    Ceiling Position Issue


    image.thumb.png.6a0fc211deedd240695c1be45d49346e.png     image.thumb.png.2c9068e61707b9f0b5559a256fb898a8.png




    Roof Plane Spec

    image.thumb.png.711cf2fb3987f82b45493096f0567d72.png        image.thumb.png.f4e1000306f361428df6a0074bc01070.png






    Covered Patio

  9. I'm having difficulty dimensioning a cross-section.  I can't figure out the proper snap and/or dimension settings to dimension from the bottom of the brown framing to the top of the white column.  I've checked my default snap and dimension settings and can't get anything to show this.  I want to measure this so I can move the framing up and rest on top of the column.  This is from a larger file and is for a porch roof and beam that was drawn manually.  In order to raise the porch roof planes and beams, I need this measurement.


    Thank you




  10. I want to add a rowlock brick edge to the top part of a brick base like the rowlock.png shows.  The attached plan file and brick.png has the brick base and a column.  I want the top row of bricks to be oriented for a rowlock.  Is this something that can be done?  




  11. 14201247_2021-03-0119_25_44-HomeDesignerPro2021.thumb.png.df962fa85b812286ed4591a56e7f02d7.png

    Eric : I have Auto Rebuild Roofs turned off, but when I built it Auto Rebuild Roofs was on I believe.  When I did this the first time several days ago, I didn't have a problem changing it to a gable.  


    I will try to manually rebuild as ricatic did.  I ended up manually building the roof on the covered outdoor patio so maybe I can get that to work.  Thank you for the quick response.


    Update : Got it to work by manually building it.



  12. I am having difficulty changing one section of my roof from a hip to a gable roof.  I have attached the plan file and a screenshot of the particular planes.  I clicked on the 1st floor wall and then the icon to change to a gable, resulting in no change.  I was able to change this in the past, but I am unable to now.  I have two different roof pitches : 4" in 12" on the outdoor patio roof and 8" in 12" on the main house.  



    Thank you for looking at my post.