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  1. SOLVED. In my Wall Type Definition I just needed to move the House Wrap layer from the Exterior Layers group down to the Main Layers group. This causes the window and door symbols to attach across the air gap but sit inside the brick veneer. The dimension line problem was easily fixed by selecting the dimension leader line, clicking on the grey box, and moving it to the correct position (the corner of the wall).

  2. Home Designer Pro 2020. In the attached screenshot I have inserted a wide single awning window and two narrow double awning windows, but the symbols are different. The former has attached only to the framing while the latter have attached to the entire wall. The latter is what I want. I tried changing the insert depth in Window Specification/Sash but it didn't work. Any suggestions?



    My version doesn't seem to work as the tutorials describe, but I have found a good work around shown in the attached screenshot3. Manually add the required interior dimensions. Select a wall perpendicular to one of these which produces a pointing hand mouse pointer. Click on the interior dimension. A dialogue opens which allows the dimension to be changed. The trick is to change the dimensions in a clockwise direction.


  4. Just started learning Home Designer Pro but have immediately encountered a problem with interior wall dimensions not showing. On attached screenshot you can see that I have the exterior dimensions and have selected a wall but no interior dimension appears. Screenshot2 shows the dimension settings. Any suggestions on what's wrong?