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  1. Thanks. I figured how to make a roof pane to manually get the shed roof. I guess my issue with the cut in the wall is that the roof is following the slope. If I delete the roof, reduce the wall height to standard and let the gable take it to the top of the shed, will all my interior walls get rebuilt as attic? 

  2. I am trying to get HD Pro to put a simple shed roof over my rectangle. I created one long wall to be 8'. The other is 12' by setting in the component object although the 3d view without the roof shows all the walls at the same height. The ends are set to shed roof. When I build a single roof plane, It either generates the plane at a ridge height of almost 30 ft, or cuts my wall and makes a flat roof. what am I doing wrong? 

  3. I think I have my signature turned on. I am using Pro I tried fixing some of the walls to be only 48" and now I have an interior wall coming through the roof.This is a view of the garage end which has a sip loft over stick built garage. As seen, the outside wall should only be 48" but looks actually taller then the standard stick wall below.



  4. I am trying to build a second floor that is only 48" high at the perimeter of my home. Then a simple 12:12 pitch SIP roof covers the rectangular structure. The SIP design gives me a complete vault. I declared the height of the wall when I built the floor. I am not sure what happened but the outside walls are now taller than even an 8' wall. I am guessing when I used doors, and interior walls, the roof was automatically redrawn to accommodate these standard sizes. I have no idea how to go in and lower everything. I tried lowering objects from a perspective view, but not sure how to lower them all and get the roof to fall. I need to combine a 48" wall with gable to the roof apex on the ends of the building. I stated it was a simple rectangle but is actually two rectangles as the garage has a smaller width.