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  1. I look in  chief talk found some useful articles for there i watched face mounted deck rail newels

    1. Built a deck with straight deck tool no rails

    2.Added the rails around the outside of the deck

    3.Then i raised the deck with regenerate framing check 

    4. Then I went to the railing and changed the bottom rail height and in elevation raised the rail to the appropriate height 36" 

    And this is the result 

    Thou i do have one problem on one side when i move the rail back to the house it wants to generate a roof but build roof is not checked ? image 3-4 left hand corner of rail

    And i guess i have to create my own railing for it to be 100% correct as the top and bottom rail are flat in the default and usually they are on edge for PT Deck rails 

    And hopefully Chief will make a change to the program as mounting post on the inside of the deck is quite a bit more expensive in labor and material to meet 2015 IRC 

    attached detail

    deck post.PNG

    deck post 2.PNG

    roof from deck rail.PNG


    Post Mounting.PNG

  2. That is why the floor showed up you have to draw the truss on the correct floor being first floor as you only create the second floor to have a ceiling present in order to craete the truss .Maybe there another way ut i followed the reference manual to create them  but i missed one step 



  3. oh okay thanks will do 

    and i'm going back and redoing trusses as i believe that i drew the trusses on the wrong floor i placed them on the second floor which actually isn't there in display mode but i think i need to draw them on the first floor walls and that would remove the ceiling joist 

    does that sound like the issue  

  4. Yes that is what i want to see it will work for what i need for cross section to show all of the truss components

    there is quite a bit of modifications you have to perform to apply trusses to the design  create second floor make invisible  build walls label as knee walls define atti space etc. 

    thou i don't see your thread about display trusses that you mention it is in display options and you check display trusses correct the floor should not be displayed 

    thou i most certain i had truss display on 

  5.  My questions are about truss design renderings (attic truss)

    The cross section i created does not so all of the truss component correctly  jpeg hdpro 

    When i place the truss at the gables it will not render a gable truss correctly even if i do end truss force rebuild or  jpeg hd pro1

    or end truss force rebuild it will not fill in the attic portion at the gable jpeg hdpro 2?

    Do i need to create a different truss at these locations ?





    HD PRO-2.jpg

    HD PRO-1.jpg

    HD PRO.jpg

  6. When you print plans to layout the layout and plan have to have the same name to merge,so am I able to create layout sheets in advance  and save them with my logo and info and label them to what I'm designing say Foundation  First Floor Etc and then  save them in my template file or create a new file. Then do my drawings with matching names  so the merge without having to do it for every drawing

    Is this right