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  1. My client wants a kitchen with a LOT of moulding. I can do crown moulding, light rails and all the vertical stuff, but I can't seem to figure out how to do any vertical moulding like in the picture below on the left to do around the refrigerator. Also, I have never figured out a solution for panel ready appliances and how to actually put panels on them. Do I just put a cabinet door in front of it? I'm afraid that would just cover the handle and everything and wouldn't look right. image.thumb.png.3a50e0a3e5bce974766a9df67bd4c46a.png

  2. Thank you Gary! That worked. Wow. That was easy. I'm not sure why the adjustments I made before did not work.


    Thank you Eric. I did try to do that. I'm not sure why it was giving me that problem. It seems to be fixed now. 

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  3. I know I've done something silly to cause this when I was trying to adjust my roof angle to be close to my client's actual roofline. It's a remodel and I needed to make sure the roofline was in the correct place so I could figure out the heights of the kitchen cabinets. I did not draw the entire house because we are not remodeling the entire house, just a few parts. I try not to do extra work. Anyway, in making all the adjustments, I've done something to cause this space where my drywall doesn't go all the way up (or my roof doesn't come all the way down on the outside wall. I've tried adjusting everything I can think of to fix this, but I'm just not having any luck and I don't want to send a 3D view to the client like this. Can someone help? The ceiling is not exactly in the correct place, but I know the beams are very close. 




  4. Well, fortunately, I just saved it again and I clicked back over to my camera view to send you a picture of how I fixed it after watching your video and I got the eternal spinning wheel again. Anyway, I did exactly what you showed me and it worked! It seems like I tried some of those things, but evidently not. It looks great now and is ready for me to finish up a couple of things to present to clients in the morning.Thank you so much for your help!

    Fixed stove alcove.jpg

  5. So, I'm designing a stove alcove that has cabinets underneath it. So, it doesn't go to the floor, but sits on the countertop. I had no idea how to do this, but I used pony walls and raised them off the floor. That might not be best way to do it, so I'm completely open to suggestions. The problem I'm having with doing it this was, is that for some reason, the studs are not covered with drywall on the ends of the wall. And this is happening only part way up. It's so strange. I'm not sure what I have done or not done to cause this. I did change the wall width to 8" because I wanted to create some little niches inside for spices, oils etc. Any ideas? I have tried redrawing it also and it doesn't change.


    I attached a couple of pictures. I'm not sure if the plan file is too big to attach.

    Stove alcove 3D.jpg

    Remodel 5 floorplan.jpg

  6. My previous version was the 21. But yes, I think it's a bit better. It still happens sometimes, though. It seems to happen when I get too "clicky" and don't give it time to process or something. I guess it can't keep up with my occasional indecisiveness or accidental clicks. :D

  7. My sticky keys are off. It just froze up on me again. Thankfully, everything is saved. I usually just quit the program. It does seem to happen when I click on several things quickly. I get the eternally spinning wheel....:wacko:


  8. Thank you for the help. At least I have something to go off of. I can open another window and have something to go off of, I guess. The Premier is way more technology than what I could handle. I obviously can't even do everything with what I have, but it usually works well for what I need. This will just take me a bit more time than it would with the Premier, but at least I don't have to go and measure the whole house!

  9. Hello! I know I have a lot of questions, but I guess that's because my business has taken off! It's crazy! Anyway, I was sent a couple of DWG files by a client. I am drawing a remodel of her house and she has already had someone draw an as-built plan. I was able to import the file following the instructions, but I don't have a "convert CAD to walls" option. I'm assuming that is on the Premier version, but not the Home Designer PRO version. Any suggestions for any easy way to do this with my PRO 2024 version? I saw something about drawing over it, I'm just not sure how I would then delete the imported part easily. Can I delete an entire floor? The house is all one story. Could I build a second story and then turn on the reference so I can see the first floor and draw over it? Then delete the 1st floor? Are there any better suggestions? I'm not even sure that will work. I just thought of it. 


    I attached the file. It might be too big. I've never attached an entire file before. Sorry if I did it wrong. As you can tell, I am self taught in this program. I've done lots of plans, but I'm no architect or engineer. I love learning how to use the program more efficiently though and it's easier to remember the more I use it. 

    Imported file for Fisher.plan

  10. It worked Gary! Thank you so much. I think something happened and turned off auto rebuild roof. When I turned it back on, it looked more like yours and then I was able to fix it how you suggested. I also changed the pitch on both large sections to 12:12 and I think that looks better too. Now if I can just figure out how to do trusses in the sanctuary area. I'm hoping my upgrade makes it easier.

    Roof fix.jpg

    roof fix2.jpg

    Roof fix3.jpg

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  11. Thank you, I will try this. I can't read your notes, so I may have to come back and ask you what they say. I do think I have already marked that first wall gable, but I will check it again.

  12. I am having trouble with a roof design and I don't know quite how to fix it. I am drawing a small church. It's really a cathedral! I'm attaching an overview picture of my problem. Where the roof over the Foyer/balcony meets the bell tower, it's making a little gable and then makes a weird roofline. Any ideas how to fix this? I also need to change the pitch on this area and hopefully lower it a bit to match the ridge over the sanctuary. I'm not sure it that's possible. Or maybe I need to raise the ridge of the sanctuary or both. Roofs are the hardest thing for me! Any suggestions would be helpful and if you need more views, I can upload those as well. Thank you for all your help. I just bought the 2024 version! Oh. I probably need to change that on my profile as well.

    Roof problem.jpg

    Roof problem view 2.jpg

    Roof problem 3.jpg

  13. Thank you Keith and David. I do draw manual dimensions too. I guess what I am saying isn't clear, but it's ok. I figured it out, I think. I remember seeing green boxes and copying and pasting and then dividing them in half or by thirds. Then you click the smaller boxes back into the drawing and the lights easily click onto the corners of the boxes in the correct positions. Then I just delete the boxes and draw manual dimensions for the electrician. The directions I saw were much clearer than that probably was. Whoever it was that shared the directions also had a website with written tutorials, I believe. I thought I had bookmarked it somehow, but it's just not there. Thanks for your help though.


  14. Thank you Keith. I do have that bookmarked. It was more about easily placing them with correct spacing in the plan using CAD boxes. I think I have figured it out now, but I would still like to be able to refer back to it.


  15. Probably about 6 months-1 year ago, I found directions on how to use CAD boxes to space recessed lighting in a room on this forum somewhere. I can't find that anywhere now. And I've forgotten exactly how to do it. I think it was actually in answer to someone's question and I may have just stumbled across it somehow. Maybe there was a YouTube video link too? I don't remember for sure. Does anyone know where that is or have the info or a link? Thanks.

  16. Thank you David. I do save more often now, but I have had other things happening now like suddenly not being able to click on any objects in an elevation. Just some weird little glitches happening in the last couple of days. I did check all the requirements on my Mac mini just now. It was just bought new this year. I have more than enough space etc. I could upgrade to 2024 if that will help the problem. I do have a project I'm designing that involves trusses and it looks like that upgrade might make that easier. I just am not sure if I want to let go of the extra money yet.

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  17. I have Home Designer Pro 2021 and my computer is a Mac mini. Lately my program has been freezing sometimes. It caused my to lose an hours worth or work once. I was hoping it had autosaved, but I guess I had not saved it yet, so it didn't. Anyway, It's done that a couple more times since then. I do save right away now, just in case that happens again, so it wasn't as big of a deal, but still frustrating. Also, this morning when I drag a wall elevation over to my other screen so I can see what it looks like, my cross hairs disappear. I check the preferences and the "Enable crosshairs" button is checked on. I can get it back on by unchecking and rechecking, but, again, frustrating. It hasn't done that before either. I did just try to update my program and it said it is up to date. Any suggestions?



  18. I am watching the video about layouts and realized my tool bar on the layout page does not have an option to select the page. The video also says that you can click on "Tools" and select "layout", but that option also is not there at all. Not even grayed out. What do I need to do to have this option?


    I have Home Designer PRO 2021

  19. Ok. Well, I guess maybe I'll just pull that half wall away from the perpendicular wall about 1' so that it will correct the shelf problem, but still show as a wall on the floor plan. Actually, I might have to do 2' so I can correct the hole on the countertop that will probably appear when I shorten that wall. 

  20. I did that earlier. The shelves are already extended all the way to the other cabinet, but when I added that half wall, the shelf disappears in the 3D view. It actually disappears on the floorplan view as well. When I click on the shelves in either view, it shows as extending the full distance between the two upper cabinets.