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  1. They are going to want to know which Home Designer series you have. Ie Suite 2017, Architectural 2018 ....... I can tell you from my experience that you can make the walls the actual length you want by clicking on one of the walls. You should see a dimension line come up. Click on that line, and it will allow you to change the length. You can change what type of foundation you want by clicking 'Edit'. Go down to 'default settings'. Go down to 'Foundation' Highlight that, then click 'Edit' button at bottom of pop up. I'm unsure of how to do the things you want all at the same time. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will get on here and help you with that. Hopefully what I've given you will get you started. 

  2. I purchased Home Designer Architectural 2018 back a few months ago, updating from Suite 2015. I've not had any problems until last week. For some reason, in the Architectural 2018, it's started cutting off the tops of the dialog boxes. This means I'm unable to, for instance, designate what type of window I want placed. This cutting off the dialog box is for EVERYTHING associated with Arch 2018. Also, when I go into camera view, it cuts off the top of the toolbar. In order to do anything in camera view, I have to place my mouse below the icon instead of putting my mouse on the icon and clicking.  I reinstalled my Suite 2015, and this problem is not present in that, which leads me to believe the problem is not with my computer. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Architectural 2018 about 3 times now, without success. I've also been sure to update, and then click 'Repair'. This problem has left me unable to use Architectural 2018 (.) Period. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    I would also like to add that I have Windows10 computer, which I just purchased in May of this year. I purchased Architectural 2018 shortly thereafter. I have checked to make sure my drivers are up to date, and they are.