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  1. I get a message. "this plan created on another product version.  you will only be able to view this plan. I can view it ok.


    this one is too far off our vision. some problems:1.  don't like the porch on the end like that. those corner windows are for a mountain view. don't want the porch over them. 2. no coat closet by the front entry. 3. don't really like hip roofs for the front elevation. I think I want a gable over the garage so I can incorporate one of these and have a front facing view window out of the bonus room. http://www.prowoodmarket.com/Gable-Bracket/

  2. thanks. I will attempt to redraw. I will have a walkout basement but when I attemped to put it into the plan it failed. that's probably how the platforms got messed up.

  3. Search "gable return" in help.


    I looked some at your plan posted in the other thread and found lots of problems. If you wish, post an updated plan in a new thread and I'll respond.


    And I got to playing with the exterior and ended up with this. Not suggesting anything is wrong with your design, just thought I would share a different look.

    hi that's interesting. I like how you did the porch. I think I want a gable roof over the garage because there is going to be a large bonus room up there and I want a window up there.

    also the window beside the entry door  probably isn't necessary because it would face a hall closet. I think I would rather have a better entry door there. something with sidelites and a transom. otherwise I like it. feel free to suggest changes you think would improve it.


  4. I opened your plan and here is what I found -- stacked stone everywhere except some wood at the slab/foundation level.


    Are you seeing something different?

    ok I see. under 3d camera view I get the stacked stone but under elevation camera view no stacked stone. is that normal? 

    another question if you don't mind. why does the wall look invisible inside the porch? tia

  5. That is the stacked stone from the core catalog in an elevation.


    Here it is from a 3D view.


    Applied in the Wall Specification > Wall Covering


    Make sure you are applying to the exterior surface.


    You could also paint it on with the material painter, or create a new wall type with the stone as the exterior material.

    none of the suggestions would change my exterior wall to stacked stone. I know it should but cant figure out why it refuses to change.

  6. After looking at the plan, solver called it, you have Floor A active, go back down to Floor 1.

    ok that worked thank you. still cant get wall covering to change to stacked stone in the elevation view trying everything suggested.

  7. using 2015 version. I have bigger problems now. after screwing around trying to get the walls to change to stacked stone I closed the program and now when I open it I have just two lines on my buildsheet. a random straight interior wall and a straight section of exterior wall. nothing else. my whole plan seems to be gone. where did it go? if I do an elevation from the edge of the page the elevation view is still there. confused? what did I do wrong?

  8. got a plan drawn but  want the walls to be stacked stone in the elevation view. no matter what I try it will not change. have tried to change it in defaults and by opening an individual wall object and specifying stacked stone. nothing works. any ideas?